Umbrellas for the Piazza of the Prophet´s Holy Mosque, Medina (SL-Rasch)

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Consultants: Studio LD.

Client: SBG.

Main Architects: SL-Rasch

Scope of Work: Structural Design and Engineering, Detail Design, Site Supervision.

The increasing number of pilgrims demands a constant expansion of the holy sites of Makkah and Madina. This includes not only the Mosques themselves but the areas around them. In Medina, the 145000 square meters piazza surrounding the mosque was covered with 260 umbrellas.

There are two types of umbrellas with two different heights. This allows them to overlap and cover the entire area effectively. Each umbrella has a side of 26m. When open, they have a height of 14,40 m and 15,30 m. When closed, both umbrella types have the same height, matching the facade of the mosque.

The decorated PTFE (Teflon) membrane allows sufficient light to filter through while protecting the pilgrims against the strong solar radiation. The membrane is UV resistant, water proof and stain resistant.