333 Summer Design Studio at CCA

From July 28th to August 15th, the Architecture division or the California College of the Arts hosted the 333-Summer Design Studio. This event brought together 3 leaders in the field of lightweight structures to work with students in a laboratory-like environment at CCA. Taught by Mauricio Soto, Sean Ahlquist, and Julian Lienhard, the 333 design studio focused on the computational modeling and large-scale fabrication of complex bending-active structures utilizing variegated knit textiles and composites.

The design studio was made possible thanks to the support of Sofistik and Woerner Textiles.


Formwork Exhibition Opens at the new Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts in San Francisco

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Mauricio Soto and Neeraj Bathia curated the Formworks end of year exhibition at the California College of the Arts, which opened at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts in San Francisco in May 2014. The exhibition showcased work from more than 70 graduating architecture and interior design students. The exhibition also housed the honorary doctorate event conferred on the Pillitzer Prize winner Holland Cotter.


Assemblage Exhibition Opens at CCA

MM FA13 exhibit 02_100dpi Topanga House 01_100dpi WorkHouse 2_100dpi Wall House 01_100dpi Sheats Goldstein 01_100dpi Schindler 01_100dpi

This exhibition displays physical models from the class Materials and Methods, taught at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The course introduces a process-based framework for understanding the basic technical aspects of building materials, construction and performance. The course also emphasizes the inherent interrelations of building techniques and tectonics utilized in the assessment and selection of materials and assemblies. The study of material and tectonic complexity forms the basis for exploring how to conceptually integrate the intrinsic workings and composition of building systems and evaluate their capacity to affect material and spatial performance.

Hot Air Design Charrette 2013

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Heads up! The Warm-up design charrette 2013 is coming up!
The design charrette will take place from Wed. September 4th to Fri. September 6th. The goals of this competition are to foster a productive and social studio culture as well as to encourage students to think big and take risks with your designs. The Charrette is a short but intense sprint and prepares you for the marathon-like term ahead. 
This years’ competition is entitled Hot Air and consists in the design, fabrication and erection of an inflatable structure with semitransparent plastic. The winners of this year’s charrette will receive a $500 dollars gift certificate to the “Arch Drafting and Graphic supply” store.


Forecasting Exhibition at CCA

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Mauricio Soto-Rubio to curate the Forecasting end of year exhibition at the California College of the Arts San Francisco Campus. The exhibition will be open from May 16th to Jun 1st, 2013, and will display selected projects from undergraduate and graduate students of Architecture and Interior Design.