Royal Terminal Umbrellas. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (SL-Rasch).

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Consultants: Mauricio Soto/Studio for Lightweight Design.

Client: SBG

Main Architects: SL-Rasch

Scope of Work: Structural Design and Engineering, Detail Design, Site Supervision.

These umbrellas were originally designed for the terrace of the King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project in Makkah, and were later installed at the Royal Terminal at the Jeddah International Airport. Only the King of Saudi Arabia, members of the royal family and official guest from states from around the world use this terminal. The structures are intended to provide protection from sun and rain as well as emphasize the significance of the location.

The umbrella frame is made out of high strength steel and consists of 4 diagonal arms, 4 intermediate arms and 16 passive arms. The membrane used is pure PTFE.

Open and closed, the umbrellas include ornaments derived from traditional Islamic forms. With an edge length of 28.5 m, each umbrella covers an area of more than 800 sqm. The umbrella reaches a total height of 22.5m in its closed state.