Tower A, B, C and D. Mecca, Saudi Arabia (SL-Rasch).

KAAEP-Mekkah-A,B  P1020829  P1020777  DSCN6885  DSCN6891  P1020831

Consultants: Studio for Lightweight Design.

Client: SBG.

Main Architects: SL-Rasch

Scope of Work: Structural Design and Engineering, Detail Design, Site Supervision.

The tensile membrane structures were designed for the last floor of Towers A and B, over a high of 220 m. They house offices, working areas, lounges, and living rooms to be used by the royal family and their guests.

In order to facilitate a flexible and variable interior layout, there structures were designed without any interior supporting pillars. The membrane is a PTFE coated fibre glass.